Group Companies & Associates

Fazlani Exports

Fazlani Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established and known Export House based in India, exporting oil seeds (majorly sesame seeds), spices (whole & ground), pulses, food grains and ready-to-eat products. A truly remarkable export track-record has earned the company several prestigious trophies, as well as Certificates of Merit from the President of India for excellence in exports performance.

Product Range: Natural & Hulled Sesame Seeds, Ground & Whole Spices, Pulses & Beans, Rice and other Food Grains.

Fazlani Altius Business School

Fazlani Altius Business School (FABS) evolved from the need of an accountable, innovative world-class business school in India. Our team, which include some of the best minds from the business, corporate, and academic worlds, visualized the need for talent in the emerging Indian economy.

Fazlani L'Académie Globale

Fazlani L’Académie Globale (FLAG) is located at Mazagaon, the heart of Mumbai’s educational hub. It is a school where the citizens of the future are trained, developed, groomed and encouraged to think, explore and discover the new world for themselves. Fazlani L’Académie Globale extends learning beyond the conventional boundaries of education, offering the very best of traditional and innovative teaching methods.

Fazlani Foundation

As part of the ‘Fazlani Foundation’ comprising ‘Aishabai & Haji Abdil Latif Charitable Trust’ and ‘South Bombay Public Charitable Trust’, we have developed a ‘Children’s Village’ with four acres of land, and provided medical facilities across forty villages. The foundation also provides basic facilities – such as education, sanitation, and bore well – in regions deprived of the respective provisions, as well as unsecured loans to farmers.

Sopariwala Exports

Sopariwala Exports has been one of India’s leading exporters of un-manufactured Leaf Tobacco to 75 countries across the globe for the past five decades.

Product range: Leaf Tobacco, Unmanufactured Chewing Tobacco, Manufactured Tobacco, and Beedies.

Soex India Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer of best-in-class tobacco flavours under brand AFZAL, and herbal flavours under the brand SoeX. Connoisseurs of premium quality tobacco and herbal products worldwide take immense pride in these brands, which are an integral part of their lifestyle. Constant innovation in flavours and taste gives Soex India the cutting edge in entering new markets and delivering a unique experience to customers every single time.

Product Range: AFZAL Hookah Molasses, SoeX Herbal Hookah Molasses, Soex Premium Charcoal Tablets and many others.

Soex Flora

Soex Flora is one of the largest growers and exporters of Semi-Organic, fresh cut flowers and rose plants from India, and is accredited with renowned MPS & Sedex Certifications.

Product Range: Cut Flowers and Rose Plants.

Irfaz Group of Companies is one of the largest companies in the far-east market trading in pulses and charcoal, and is also involved in the distribution of several popular FMCG products.

Product Range: Split and Whole Pulses, Charcoal, and distributors of SHAN, Fazlani Foods, and Foody Fusion product range.


Mellow Trading is a giant trading house in the Middle East. Having made its imprint on the global pulses market, Mellow Trading now also deals in spices, as well as nuts.

Product Range: Pulses, Spices and Nuts.

Afnan Perfumes

Afnan Perfumes offers an exciting range of high quality fragrances, bridging the gap between the West and the Middle East with a fusion of creative fragrances and concepts. Using the finest ingredients sourced from France, all the fragrances are manufactured under ‘AFNAN’, comprising of oriental perfumes (including concentrated perfume oils), perfume sprays, incense (bukhoor) and occidental perfume

Product Range: Perfumes, Perfume Oils, Sprays, Occidental Perfume and Incense