How to Make Delicious Indian Gravies with Ready to Eat Sauces

As diverse is the culture of India, so is its cuisine. Indian cuisine has a different way of cooking and preparing curries and other food items. The sauces and purees are different and hence, to make the same Indian food that you have had in a restaurant at home is next to impossible.

Ready to eat sauces is one of the simplest ways of making authentic Indian food at home in a matter of minutes. You can pick these sauces from various Indian sauce suppliers abroad. Below is a list of Indian food that you can make with the help of readymade sauces;

        Butter Chicken Sauce – This delicious Indian food is a favorite of every chicken lover. Butter Chicken is an Indian savory cooked with authentic spices, aromatic herbs and butter with fresh chicken. A ready to eat sauce helps you to achieve the best flavor of this dish as you only need to add the sauce in chicken and cook till the chicken becomes tender!

        Schezwan Sauce – Your perfect mate to cook delicious Schezwan chicken is the Schezwan sauce. No matter what, preparing the perfect Schezwan sauce is next to impossible. To make the whole preparation easy, pick a ready to eat Schezwan sauce and cook your favorite Indo-Chinese dish at home.

        Thai Green Curry Sauce – Want to cook authentic Thai Green Curry? Bring home ready to eat Thai green curry sauce, add in chicken and cook till the chicken becomes soft. Your Thai Green Curry is ready!

        Tikka Masala Sauce – Be it Chicken Tikka or Paneer Tikka, the perfect sauce does magic to this Indian delicacy. A ready to eat tikka masala sauce helps you achieve the restaurant flavor in just a matter of few minutes!

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