4 Soups To Beat Hunger Pangs In Winters

Winters are always better with hot soups in the breezy evenings. As people tend to get hungry from time to time during this season, having a healthy diet is crucial. Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian soups, are a healthy option when it comes to beating your hunger pangs in the evening or any other time of the day. But making soup at the very moment when you are hungry is not always possible. This is the time when you can opt for ready to eat soups available in the market. There are various soup manufacturers in India that offer a broad range of soups. From these, Fazlani Foods is an Indian soup manufacturer which offers four delicious flavours of soups that will be a treat for you this winter.

1)    Asian Tofu Soup – Bringing you flavours from Asia, this tofu soup is a perfect broth to have in the evening. It is a light soup which is enough to make you feel energized and fresh.

2)    Black Bean Soup – This slow cooked soup is a Cuban grandma’s recipe. Perfect for breezy evenings and nights, when you wish to have a light dinner. It is a healthy option for lunch as well.

3)    Cajun Red Beans Soup – Rich in proteins, Cajun Red Beans Soup is a nutritious pick loaded with beans and vegetables. It makes for a delicious evening snack too!

4)    Chipotle Tomato Soup – This classic soup with a touch of Mexican spices is your ideal mate for winters. Chipotle Tomato Soup is made from fresh tomatoes, pepper, and chillies.

Fazlani Foods is a soup manufacturer from India that offers varieties of ready to eat products. To know more about the  ready to serve soups offered by Indian soup manufacturers visit, www.readytoeat.com