Indian Chutneys - Facts to Know

The idea of preserving food was initially adopted by the Romans and then the British Empire who later started exporting this to North America and Australia. The chutney manufacturers of India have made it possible for chutney lovers across the world to enjoy authentic Indian chutneys. Earlier, chutneys in India were made with spices and fresh fruits. The recipe slowly evolved and chutneys then became an integral part of Indian thaalis.

Chutneys are prepared with a wide range of ingredients viz., coriander, mint, spices, sugar, tamarind pulp, etc. The side dish is available in a wide variety - from sour and sweet to mild and spicy; they can be either thick or thin (as per the requirement of the dish) and also can be made of fruits or vegetables.

For preparation many of the Indian chutney’s include lemon, garlic, mint, green chillies, turmeric, coconut, tomato and so on. While exporting, the Indian chutney exporters make sure that it is preserved by adding some vinegar into it. Cooked papaya or mango chutneys are mostly found in the Caribbean, and chutneys are also used extensively in South Africa.

It has become quite famous in Western cuisine. Many other nations have developed their own variations as per their taste buds to this flexible dish. But, there Chutneys did not have the vivid flavours which is mostly preferred by Indians. Chutney has the same consistency to salsa and jelly.

Mango Chutney Manufacturer Exporters

Mango and Tomato Chutney are equally famous in India. Hot Lemon Chutney is quite famous in the region of Gujarat. Chutney, specially prepared from mint leaves also known as ‘green chutney’ is quite famous in the state of Punjab. 

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