Pickles to Tantalize your Taste Buds

Pickling is an age old process where fruits and vegetables were immersed in vinegar to extend their lifespan. But today, the whole idea of making pickles has changed. We are no longer pickling fruits and vegetables to lengthen their life, but only to experience and eat this delectable side dish called PICKLE.

Though pickles are made in many countries, India is known for the varieties it make. Indian pickle suppliers not only choose fruits and vegetables, but also take meat and fish to create exotic pickles. Here is a list of pickles native to India and known for their extra-ordinary flavors;

·         Garlic Pickle

The strong aroma of garlic subsided with exotic spices and herbs will make a great side dish for your lunch or dinner. It goes well with all the Asian delicacies.

·         Green Chilli Pickle

Spicy green chillies immersed in aromatic spices and oils result in a hot and tangy pickle, which is best eaten with your favorite Indian cuisine.

·         Lime & Chilli Pickle

The spiciness of chillies meets the sour limes and creates an amazing flavor for this pickle. It is then blended with authentic spices and oils to make a mouthwatering side dish. 

·         Mixed Pickle

With different vegetables mixed together, this pickle is sure to bring different flavors together. The pickle is made with authentic spices and oils that enhances its taste.

·         Prawn Pickle

Prawn pickles are one of the most irresistible pickles made with prawns, oil, vinegar, and authentic spices. Cooked before preserving, this pickle will take you back to the old days of South India and Goa.

·         Spicy Mango Pickle

This is a childhood favorite of almost every Indian. Spicy mango pickle is made from unripe mangoes with exotic spices and herbs and infused in oil and vinegar. Delectable!

·         Tuna Pickle

A fish pickle that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! Tuna pickle is first marinated in authentic spices, vinegar and oil before cooking and preserving. Tuna absorbs the flavors when in marination and the result is, spicy, delicious tuna pickle!

Pickles are loved across the globe and not only in India, making it important for pickle exporters from India to keep making these delicious side dishes throughout the year. With this, Indian pickle suppliers are busy pickling the best quality products – bringing only the best to you!  

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