Types of Chilli Pickles to Treat Your Taste Buds

Spicy and tasty, pickles are a favorite among all Indians. And for some, this pickle are so much more than a side dish that they even have it with plain Indian flat bread or roti at least once a week. Chilli pickles are often relished with parathas, dal, rice and many other Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Not only in India are these pickles so famous but is also a tasty pick in other parts of the world! Its popularity has made many pickle manufacturer in India supply this product to other countries. So let us see the varieties of chilli pickles available in the market that are surely a treat to your taste buds.

1)      Green Chilli Pickle - This pickles is a classic! Fresh green chillies blended with authentic spices and herbs are infused in cottonseed oil to make this relishing pickle. The pickle is kept aside under the sun for months so that the flavour and taste of the spices and herbs completely blend with the chillies and oil. Today we might not be having the time to first pickle the chillies and then keep it under the sun for months. This is the time when convenience food comes into picture. You can try the ready to eat pickles by Fazlani Foods, as these are a tasty pick for all pickle lovers. 

Green Chilli Pickle Exporter from India

2)      Lime & Chilli Pickle – As the name suggests, this pickle is a blend of sour and tangy limes and spicy chillies. Both the ingredients are mixed in a dash of authentic spices and herbs with some cottonseed oil. The traditional pickle is then set under the sun for a few months until the two main ingredients are well pickled under the sun’s heat with the spices and oil.

Lime Chilli Pickle Manufaturers and Exporters India

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