4 Delicious Vegetarian Indian Curries To Try Right Now

Indian curries have an inviting aroma, which cannot be ignored. These curries are made from recipes passed on from grandmothers to mothers. Traditional curries have authentic flavours and aroma, hence their recipes are cherished and even kept a secret in certain households. But making these curries at home might put you in dilemma; how much quantity is required when making it for four people. To make this easier for you, ready to eat Indian curry exporter, Fazlani Foods has come up with a range of ready to eat curries which can be instantly heated in the microwave and served hot to your family or guests at any time! Have a look at the 4 delicious vegetarian curries offered by one of the best Indian curry suppliers;

1.       Rajma Masala – The red kidney beans curry is fondly known in India as Rajma Masala. This delicious Indian dish has a rich, creamy gravy and is sure to treat your taste buds. This North Indian recipe’s key ingredients are red kidney beans, oil, onions, tomatoes and authentic herbs and spices.

2.       Dal Tadka – This is an Indian classic, which is eaten with rice and is accompanied by Indian subzi (vegetable). Dal Tadka is a North Indian curry made with spiced yellow lentils. Its key ingredients are red gram, butter, tomatoes, onions, red chillies and a mix of spices.  

3.       Shahi Paneer – It is a rich curry made with cottage cheese, also known as Paneer. The classic dish is made with diced pieces of cottage cheese, tomato gravy, cream and authentic spices. It is a favorite among North Indians.

4.       Palak Paneer – The delicious curry is made with Palak (Spinach) and Paneer (Cottage cheese). It is a North Indian delicacy made with a creamy sauce of palak and yummy pieces of paneer with just a mix of Indian spices and a little oil.

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