Two Pastes that Define Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is known for its authentic flavours. These flavours are derived from various spices and vegetables used for the preparation. Whether you are making a non-vegetarian or vegetarian dish, spices and especially pastes add the much needed spiciness to the food. This is one of the reasons why Indian cuisine has a unique taste.

Pastes are one of the key ingredients added to Indian delicacies. From the different pastes available in the market, some are used in almost every dish. Fazlani Foods Ginger & garlic and tomato & onion pastes are the two which clearly tells you where does Indian cuisine gets its taste from.

1)    Ginger and garlic paste – Curries and Gravies are an integral part of Indian cooking and amost none of the Indian recipes would not get their taste without ginger and garlic paste. Used profusely in cooking, ginger garlic paste manufacturers in India make them the ready to use pastes which makes cooking convenient by saving the time of peeling and processing the raw ginger and garlic. It is used in gravies, curries and rice as well, making it one of the widest used pastes in Indian cuisine.

2)    Tomato and onion paste – Tomatoes and onions are commonly used to prepare Indian gravies and curries. It is essential to add some onion and tomato paste for a nice red colour and thickness to the gravy. Ready to use pastes hence come handy.

Whether you are preparing red gravy or green curry, ginger and garlic paste is added to both. The use of tomato and onion paste is also common but the amount varies according to the taste and flavour required for a specific dish.

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