3 Indian Vegetarian Recipes That Use Tomato Onion Curry Paste

Almost every Indian delicacy, especially the gravies require you to make a paste of certain spices and vegetables. And making this paste everyday could be a very tedious task when you are already in a hurry. The paste of onions and tomatoes is added to various dishes and takes around 20 to 30 minutes to be prepared. This is the time when ready to use pastes are picked from the market. In this blog we will see how you can instantly make 3 Indian vegetarian dishes with the ready to use tomato onion curry paste.

1)      Aloo Mutter Gravy – This dish requires you to first make a paste of onions tomatoes and ginger garlic. So instead of making this pastes which might take time, you can buy a ready to use tomato and onion curry paste to make the gravy.

2)      Kadhai Vegetable Curry – To make vegetarian Kadhai Gravy all you need to do is finely chop onions and tomatoes and then take some separately to make the paste for the gravy. You can cut the time used to prepare the onion and tomato paste by getting a ready to use option which is available in the market. Various ready to use curry paste manufacturers in India sell these products online and offline.

3)      Aloo Gobi Curry – The delicious curry requires you to make a paste of onion and tomato with ginger and garlic as the base of the delicacy. You can save time by getting a ready to use paste jar. You can conveniently use the paste whenever you are making this or any other dish.

Not only tomato and onion, these pastes are available in different varieties offered by exporters of ready to use pastes from India. One such exporter is Fazlani Foods, you can check their products at www.readytoeat.com