Ready to Eat Food and its Packaging

We all have heard about food grade packaging and also make sure that the food items we pick from the supermarket shelves are packed well. Fazlani Foods is one of the top Indian ready to eat Indian food suppliers who manufactures various dishes in this category. Be it rice, curry or desserts, you name it and it’s there on the Fazlani Foods website. 

While talking about the Packaging of the Fazlani Foods ready to eat products, be rest assured that each product is available in food grade packaging. The list of products offered by Fazlani Foods under ready to eat category is:
1. Pickles,
2. Chutneys,
3. Curries,
4. Rice,
5. Soups,
6. Pastes,
7. Sauces, and
8. Desserts.

Now let us see how these food products are packed.

Fazlani Foods Pickles and Chutneys are available in high-quality glass bottles with tight caps. These bottles are squeaky clean and keep food in good condition for a long time – the shelf life is mentioned on each product. The Curries are available in three layered pouches – Polyester (PET) which makes the packaging glossy and rigid for durability, Nylon (bi-oriented Polyamide) that makes it puncture resistant to improve its hygiene and avoid any spillage, and food-grade cast Polypropylene (CPP) for the sealing layer. The Curries and Desserts come in a microwaveable container which is food grade too.

Various Indian ready to eat food manufacturers like Fazlani Foods use high-quality packing materials to seal every food item with the nutrients it is loaded with. Ready to eat food from India is not only used across the borders but also in our own Indian kitchens. These hygienically packed meals are high in demand due to the convenience it offers to people around the world.