2 Delicious Ready in Minutes South Indian Recipes

South Indian delicacies are one of the best dishes to try in any season. The authentic spices, fresh coconut, and vegetables are something that draws you closer towards them. But preparing this yummy cuisine is not a simple task. The correct method of preparing these delicacies with the right amount of spices and proportions need to be learnt and the perfection comes only with practice and experience. Though these might be considered as difficulties, you can still enjoy two tasty South Indian recipes by spending only 2 minutes in the kitchen with the help of Fazlani Foods & Foody Fusion, the best instant food exporters from India.

Brinjal Curry – This is a delicious and classic dish hailing from Southern India. The Brinjal Curry is fused with creamy coconut milk and authentic spices that give it the finest flavour. Food manufacturers like Fazlani Foods offers this delicious dish in the ready to eat category, which only needs to be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes before serving.

ready to eat brinjal curry by fazlani foods

Vegetable Ishtu with Rice – This is a silky smooth coconut gravy made with fresh vegetables, spices like cardamom, cinnamon, curry leaves, and vegetables accompanied with steamed rice. The dish is available in the Foody Fusion’s ready to eat range of delicacies. They are one of the best ready to eat meal exporters from India, whose dishes are available in microwaveable packaging.

Ready to eat Vegitable Ishtu with rice by foody fusion

Not only South Indian specialty, they also offer tasty North Indian recipes in the ready to eat food category. To know more about the dishes available, visit www.readytoeat.com