How to Make Delicious Indian Gravies with Ready to Eat Sauces

As diverse is the culture of India, so is its cuisine. Indian cuisine has a different way of cooking and preparing curries and other food items. The sauces and purees are different and hence, to make the same Indian food that you have had in a restaurant at home is next to impossible.

Ready to eat sauces is one of the simplest ways of making authentic Indian food at home in a matter of minutes. You can pick these sauces from various Indian sauce suppliers abroad. Below is a list of Indian food that you can make with the help of readymade sauces;

        Butter Chicken Sauce – This delicious Indian food is a favorite of every chicken lover. Butter Chicken is an Indian savory cooked with authentic spices, aromatic herbs and butter with fresh chicken. A ready to eat sauce helps you to achieve the best flavor of this dish as you only need to add the sauce in chicken and cook till the chicken becomes tender!

        Schezwan Sauce – Your perfect mate to cook delicious Schezwan chicken is the Schezwan sauce. No matter what, preparing the perfect Schezwan sauce is next to impossible. To make the whole preparation easy, pick a ready to eat Schezwan sauce and cook your favorite Indo-Chinese dish at home.

        Thai Green Curry Sauce – Want to cook authentic Thai Green Curry? Bring home ready to eat Thai green curry sauce, add in chicken and cook till the chicken becomes soft. Your Thai Green Curry is ready!

        Tikka Masala Sauce – Be it Chicken Tikka or Paneer Tikka, the perfect sauce does magic to this Indian delicacy. A ready to eat tikka masala sauce helps you achieve the restaurant flavor in just a matter of few minutes!

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3 Sauces To Make Oriental Cuisine at Home

Many Indians love Oriental cuisine! Be it Chinese, Japanese, or Thai, Indians visit Asian restaurants quite often just to relish the taste of their favorite delicacies. But, the oriental restaurants in India has a slight difference when it comes to Asian food. The use of Indian spices and herbs added to it gives an Indo-Chinese touch to the recipes – making it more delicious!

With so much love for Asian food, some people even try to make their specialties like Manchurian, Schezwan Sauce and Thai delicacies at home. And it is not a very easy task because the spices and herbs used in Oriental food are different from the ones used in regular Indian food. This makes it difficult to make Indo-Chinese food at home. But with the availability of the key sauces, it can be a little easier. With the variety of ready to use sauces available in the market, Fazlani Foods, a leading sauces manufacturer in India presents three sauces which can be used to make the perfect oriental cuisine at home.  

1.       Manchurian Sauce – Packed in a clean glass bottle, this Manchurian sauce is ready to use. It is made with authentic herbs and spices that are used to make fine Manchurian curries. Just add chicken and heat in the microwave, your favorite Chicken Manchurian is ready!

2.       Schezwan Sauce – A favorite of almost all Indians, this spicy sauce can be used for making Schezwan chicken as well as rice. Hygienically packed in a clean glass bottle, this sauce is made with fine herbs and spices. Heat it with rice or chicken and it is ready to eat.

3.       Thai Green Curry Sauce – Giving you a Thai restaurant experience at the comfort of your home, this Thai green curry sauce is made with authentic spices and herbs. Add chicken and heat to make the delicious Thai Green Curry at home.

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Ready To Cook Sauces that make Meals Ready in Minutes

Heat and serve curries, pulaos, and soups are common and are high selling products. But when it comes to sauces, not many know about the options available in the market. These sauces make mouth-watering gravies in minutes.

What are the options we provide to our customers? Fazlani Foods’ range of sauces includes Chinese, Thai, and Indian sauces. This is what has taken us to the list of leading manufacturers of sauces in India as well as to the list of the leading exporters of sauces from India.

Listed below are some of our popular products:

Rogan Josh Sauce

Rogan Josh Sauces manufacturers india

Rogan Josh is a delicious and classic Indian cooking sauce recipe made naturally with authentic spices. All you have to make the gravy is just add chicken or lamb, 50-70 ml water, and simmer it for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s it! Your authentic Rogan Josh is ready in minutes. Serve hot with rotis or rice.

Manchurian Sauce

indian sauces exporters

No matter how hard you try, you just cannot make that appetising Manchurian at home for which you would die for to eat at the Chinese restaurants. With our Manchurian sauce, this is no more the fact. To make that perfect Manchurian at home, all you need to do is –

1.       Heat 20 gm of refined oil in a sauce pan.

2.       Add 285 gm Chicken (Boneless) or 285 gm Vegetables and stir fry until the chicken pieces/veggies are sealed and browned. (Approx.7-8 min.)

3.       Add the entire content of jar of Fazlani Foods Manchurian sauce.

4.       Add ½ Cup (50 -70 ml) of Water and simmer it for 10-15 min, stirring occasionally.

And your perfect Indo-Chinese Manchurian is ready to serve.

Thai Green Curry Sauce

leading exporters of sauces from India

Our Thai Green Curry Sauce is a delicious and classic Thai cooking sauce recipe made naturally with authentic spices. Just add chicken, a little water, and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Your Thai Green Curry is ready to serve!

We are glad to tell you that we are not only one of the leading manufacturers of sauces in India but also the leading exporters of sauces from India