4 Rice Dishes To Try This Winter

Rice, a nutritious grain and India’s staple food is used to prepare delicious savories. The grain’s ability to gel with other dishes and also give us a wide variety of other dishes is the reason why rice export from India is the highest. Top quality white and brown rice is supplied from India to different countries. So not only our recipes, but our rice produce is also known worldwide.

India is as much known for its diversity as it is known for its delicious cuisine. Rice being one of the favorites, Indian cuisine majorly consists of rice cooked in different flavors and styles. Mostly served hot, rice delicacies satisfy your hunger pangs during winter. So are you looking for some mouthwatering rice recipes? Have a look at our exciting ready to eat rice recipes that will not bore you like the regular food;

·         Brown Rice Pilaf – Highly nutritious, the brown rice pilaf comes with diced vegetables and spices already mixed in the microwaveable pouches. Keep in your fridge so that you can heat and serve whenever you are hungry!

·         Chipotle Mexican Rice – Spicy chipotle sauce, tangy Mexican seasoning and fresh veggies are packed together with rice – helping you to heat, mix and serve instantly.   

·         Savoury Porridge – Don’t opt for unhealthy breakfast meals, instead pick the savoury porridge, which does not even require you to get all the ingredients at home. Just heat this high in protein porridge mix in the microwave and it’s ready to serve!

·         Subz-E-Biryani – Who loves biryani? Most of us will nod a yes. But is it easy to cook biryani? No, but we will still say yes. With our ready to eat Subz-E-Biryani, making biryani is just a matter of minutes. It comes in microwaveable pouches which can be heated and served quickly.  

With ready to eat products, we serve the best quality food to our customers. These ready to eat foods are also packed in microwaveable packaging that keep the nutritional value intact and can be instantly heated and served. An amazing option for midnight cravings too!

Rice exporters from India produce excellent quality white and brown rice to American and European nations, hence you can see a dynamic merge of Indian and International cuisines across the globe. This is not only promoting the food and agro business but also motivating the rice suppliers of India in getting a high produce of quality agro based products.            

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