Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your love through delicious homemade meals. Elevate your cooking game this year by incorporating unique sauces and chutneys into your partner’s favourite dishes. In this blog, we’ll explore creative recipes using our delightful condiments like Chilli Garlic Chutney, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Bombay Green Chutney, and Peri Peri Sauce. 


Chilli Garlic Chicken Skewers: Impress your loved one with fiery yet flavorful Chilli Garlic Chicken Skewers. Marinate bite-sized chicken pieces in a mixture of Chilli Garlic Chutney, yogurt, and spices. Thread them onto skewers and grill to perfection. The result? A mouthwatering dish that packs a punch in every bite.


Sweet Chilli Glazed Salmon: Transform a classic dish into a romantic delight by glazing salmon with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Bake or pan-sear salmon fillets and brush them generously with a mixture of Sweet Chilli Sauce, honey, and a splash of soy sauce. The sweet and spicy notes will make this a memorable Valentine’s Day feast. 


Bombay Green Chutney Veggie Wraps: For a light and flavorful option, whip up Bombay Green Chutney Vegetable Wraps. Sauté your favourite veggies, toss them in a vibrant Bombay Green Chutney, and wrap them in warm tortillas. It’s a colourful and tasty way to celebrate love with a burst of Indian-inspired flavours.


Peri Peri Grilled Shrimp Tacos: Create a festive atmosphere with Peri Peri Sauce Grilled Shrimp Tacos. Marinate shrimp in zesty Peri Peri Sauce, grill them to perfection, and assemble tacos with fresh veggies and a squeeze of lime. The result is a tantalising combination of flavours that will transport you to a culinary paradise. 


Conclusion: This Valentine’s Day, skip the crowded restaurants and opt for a more intimate and personalised celebration at home. These recipes featuring Chilli Garlic Chutney, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Bombay Green Chutney, and Peri Peri Sauce are sure to add a dash of excitement to your romantic dinner. Get ready to impress your loved one with a culinary journey that combines love and flavour in every bite. 


Happy Cooking and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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