Fazlani Sausome with its wide range of sauces gives wings to the chef in you! Enjoy hassle free cooking of various cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian and more. We guarantee the dishes you cook with Fazlani Sausome will be complemented that it “Tastes Awesome”.

Fazlani Sausome is Nutrient Rich, Ready-to-Eat, Gluten-Free with Zero Trans-fat.

  • Multilayered Pack
  • Zero Transfat
  • Gluten Free

Sausome, Tastes Awesome

Experience an explosion of Indian flavours with our Ready-to-Eat Curries and Rice.

Instructions to Use

  • Uncap

    Uncap the Spout Pouch

  • Dip, Spread or Stir Fry

    Dip or spread with starters or snacks, you can also Stir Fry while preparing dishes of your choice.

  • Tastes Awesome

    Serve with your favourite snacks.


Foody Fusion

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