The aroma and flavour of the Indian cuisine has enamored people the world over with its rich taste and texture.

Fazlani Foods Ready-to-Eat range boasts a delicious range of curries, rice, combo tray meal packs, hummus, sauces, pastes, pickles, chutneys and desserts made from recipes that are crafted from the finest ingredients and spices.

Every product is produced in India to the highest international standards of quality and hygiene.

  • BRC Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Halal Certified

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Experience an explosion of Indian flavours with our Ready-to-Eat Curries and Rice.

Instructions to Use

  • Cut

    Tear from the inscribed line on top

  • Heat

    Heat the contents

  • It's Ready-to-Eat

    Empty the contents a bowl and serve hot

Combo Tray Meal Packs

Have a home cooked meal wherever you go with our Ready-to-Eat Combo Tray Packs.

Instructions to Use

  • Open

    Shake the tray well and remove the sealing film

  • Heat

    Microwave on high for 90 seconds and leave to stand for 30 seconds

  • It's Ready-to-Eat

    Serve hot

Effortless Indian Curries

Make your cooking process easier with our Simmer Sauces and Pastes.

Instructions to Use

  • Break

    Add Simmer Sauce on preheated pan

  • Add

    Add cooked Vegetables/Protein

  • It's Ready-to-Eat

    Cook for 5 minutes & Stir occasionally

Shelf Stable Hummus

Make each snack break better than the last with our Hummus Range.

Instructions to Use

  • Peel

    Remove the seal of the container

  • Plate

    Transfer the hummus to a plate

  • Serve

    Plate up with Pita Bread/Falafel/Lavash


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